Saturday, November 5, 2011

New Words

Today when we were reading Ten Little Babies by Gyo Fujikawa, Sophie started pointing to one of the pages and saying "kai! kai!" and pointing to her face.  I knew she was trying to both say and sign something but I couldn't understand.  Finally, she pointed to the picture she was looking at, a baby who was crying.  She was saying "cry" and using her pointer finger to sign the tears.  That's the first time she's said "cry," although she has been using the sign for a while.  Shortly afterward, she signed and said "help" to ask me to pull out a big book wedged in the back of her book basket.

She's also started trying to jump, but she can't actually get her feet off the ground.  She just stretches and bounces and tries so hard.

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spp said...

This is super Ellen. Thanks for thinking of it. I was curious how her language development was going. And you are right, you'll want this record to use when you teach linguistics at UVA after you get that doctorate! SPP