Wednesday, January 21, 2009


For Christmas, I got a great new digital camera that's small enough to carry around in my purse. This is important here on Geoje Island because you never know what odd things you're going to see next. Here's a sampling:

A Spam gift set for the Lunar New Year. I guess processed meat does say something about possibilities for reinventing yourself in the new year.

A fish market stall near my yoga class. Drying fish on clotheslines is a common activity this time of year.

We saw these at the market. They were alive and writhing. I'm pretty sure they were meant to eat.

Two of Keegan's co-workers, Rachael and Amorn, with me after dinner at a duck restaurant.


Jamie said...

I carry my camera with me everywhere too! Unfortunately (for my viewers) the only thing of interest I ever stumble across is . . . HERMAN. I love the fish market picture and the mealworm picture - things that you never see in LYnchburg!

Jamie said...

Oh, what do you mean Duck restaurant?

Ellen said...

The duck restaurant is just as it sounds - a restaurant that serves dishes from duck. I had a delicious meal of rice, soup, and kimchee, but everyone else enjoyed huge plates of duck. There are a lot of restaurants here that specialize in one type of meat: fish restaurants, seafood, pork, chicken, etc. They often have a picture of the animal in question on their signs.

KIM! said...

YAY Grubs. Now you will understand why I carried a camera in my pocket for a year and why I am frustrated when I need it now and I dont have it with me!

Eat a grub!

Emily said...

Thanks for letting us in on the REAL lunar new year celebration traditions. Here we thought it was all dragons and dumplings. Finished your well-deserved wee bunny tonight. Still have a little of your Christmas present to work on. Need your address, too!