Saturday, January 17, 2009


As I'm sitting here trying to think of something interesting to blog about, I am listening to the droning tones of a truck's loudspeaker. Back in Norfolk, we used to hear the cheery sound of the ice cream truck passing several times a day. Here in Doekpo, we hear gravelly chanting in Korean as we're passed by the fruit and vegetable truck, the appliance spare parts/repair truck, and occasionally the pots and pans or clothing trucks. In Okpo, it's common for farmers to set up trucks with produce around the town, but out here in Doekpo, they're mostly mobile, and that's why they need a chant to alert people that they're cruising by. Keegan and I like to imagine what they're saying in that rhythmic monotone: "Tomatoes, grapes, bananaaaaaaaaas....Oranges, apples, peeeeeaaaaars."

We're also graced with a stationary loudspeaker somewhere nearby that goes off at the oddest times. We have no idea what this one is broadcasting, though we joke that they're continually announcing invasion by the North Koreans. Once, we heard a loud siren that went on for so long that we started looking around for North Korean airplanes or naval ships. Fortunately, it must have been just a test.

Another funny auditory note - many trucks here, instead of emitting an annoying repetitive beep when they are in reverse, play Beethoven's Fur Elise. Keegan says that many of the cranes at the shipyard also play tinny Beethoven to alert people in the shipyard that they are moving. I think Beethoven is probably rolling over in his grave.

For those of you who followed last week's kitten saga, the cats are doing great. We're taking them to the vet this afternoon to have their stitches removed. I'm so glad that whole experience is over!


chrissy said...

We're? Does this mean Keegan is back in town?? He'll have to post about his first Korean adventures at sea...we all want to know!

I'm glad the kitties are doing great and that you'll be done with this whole dramatic phase of their lives.

I have to admit I miss the sound of the "ice cream man" and the childish excitment and running out to meet him. I hope that when we have kids, they'll be able to experience this summer time treat.

KIM! said...

I want BEETHOVEN. I detest the reverse beeping sound here in the states.

my password to post is smote - as in i wil smote the beeping!

Jamie said...

Kim, you are funny. I want BEETHOVEN!