Monday, August 11, 2008

My First Lesson

This afternoon at two I had my first ESL tutoring session. Flavia, a Brazilian whose husband works at the same shipyard with Keegan, came to my apartment and introduced herself. She speaks English pretty well, so it is easy to communicate with her. We started by talking about her goals and her reasons for taking English lessons and a little bit about her background. It turns out that her husband is French, but they usually speak English together, so she has a constant mix of English, French, and Portuguese in her mind. No wonder she gave up on her Korean lessons! She is eager to start coming every day to practice English. I think she is a combination of bored with being at home alone and very ambitious. We worked on some language words - parts of speech, the names of different tenses, etc. I'm looking forward to working more with her. Teaching one-on-one is so different from teaching a class - it is easier to know exactly what your student wants and needs, and the opportunity for good questions is endless. I love that. But I miss the opportunity to get discussions going and to have everyone working on something quietly so I get a little break.

Tomorrow Flavia will come again, and I'll have my first lesson with Rita. It's really nice to have something to do in the afternoons that involves conversation and the use of my brain.

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