Monday, August 18, 2008

Trouble with a Capital T

Here is just some of the trouble that our pet-sitting charge, Sierra, has gotten into.  First of all, you should know that Sierra is a husky who is shedding.  If you haven't had the pleasure of living with a shedding husky, know this:  if you do not vacuum at least once a day, you run a very real risk of perishing beneath a suffocating pile of soft, white hairs.  Second, Sierra has a talent for finding things to eat.  Since she has been here, she has gotten her tongue inside the peanut butter jar, eaten four packets of green tea latte mix and pumpkin gruel powder, and devoured three and a half bagels in one sitting.  Of course, most of this illicit eating takes place on the carpet, where the dog can use her tongue to effectively grind saliva and food into the fibers.

But, all this pales in comparison to what happened Friday evening.  Keegan and I went out to dinner with John and Glenda, and we got home, sleepy and ready for bed, around 10:30.  We keyed our code into the apartment door and then opened it....only to find that the security lock was on, and we could not open it all the way.  This lock is like the ones you find at hotels, just a metal bar that when flipped over catches on a little metal knob and only allows you to open the door about four inches.  The only way to flip the lock back off is to be inside the apartment with the door closed.  The only being inside the apartment was the dog, who, although she had managed to engage the lock, was now more focused on scratching the bottom of the slightly opened door.  Off we tramped, back down to the car to drive back to John and Glenda's and borrow a screwdriver.  Keegan had to unscrew the lock from the door, contorting himself to fit his fingers and the screwdriver through the four-inch gap.  

Thanks a lot, Sierra.  You are Trouble.


Mom said...

None of my Dude stories can top this one, and I hope they never can!

chrissy said...

Wow! What bad luck that didn't put the latch back on did you?

Grendel loves chewing wires just like Bun-Bun did. We just had to replace our keyboard as he had chewed completely through the cord. We're now completely wireless for all of our systems!

Jamie said...

Pip is waging war on all of the fans in the house. He studies them intently like a little scientist and then throws observation to the wind and just starts attacking the cord. Herman looks supremely mature (or supremely lazy) in contrast to Pip, and does not disrupt anything in the house. He is exceptionally neat and mannerly, although he does produce enough hair to coat a litter of kittens every single day.