Thursday, December 8, 2011

Proud and Not-so-Proud

Sorry I've been so absent.  Things have not gotten less interesting around here, but they have gotten hectic as we prepare for our trip to Hawaii for the holidays and Sophie decides not to nap well in the afternoons. Poor thing has a nasty cold and is getting her canine teeth.

I was very proud of Sophie earlier this week when we were playing at the toy library with Sophie's friend Daniel.  Sophie was playing with a toy bus that Daniel had abandoned, and Daniel, in true toddler fashion, decided that he desperately needed it back.  Sophie looked on in bewilderment, still holding onto the bus, as Daniel started to cry.  She looked at me and said and signed "cry! cry!"  I told her that he was crying because he wanted to play with the bus.  And she immediately picked it up and gave it to him!  I was so proud of her!  I'm sure this generosity will not survive the inevitable terrible twos, but I hope it will make occasional appearances from now on.

I am not so proud that we have inadvertently taught Sophie to say "gross!" every time she coughs.  She has a horrible raspy cough with this cold, and it is indeed gross.  So now she goes "hack, hack, GROSS" and grins like crazy.  If you're going to be sick it's good to have a sense of humor.

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ginny said...

"Gross!" made me laugh! I would guess that she almost likes the quality of grosseness about her coughing, even if she does not like coughing itself!