Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Korean Potpourri

Here are a few odds and ends I've been meaning to post.

First, here's a video I took at Deokpo Beach.  I was up early on a morning walk with Sophie and was feeling quite sorry for myself because she had slept poorly the night before.  And then I came across this interesting dance and got a little lift.  It's exciting to live in a foreign country, even after three years.  You never know what you'll come across!

Second, here are some photos of amusing gift sets for the Chuseok holiday.  Chuseok is "Korean Thanksgiving," and it's a time for families to gather for a big meal and perhaps also honor their ancestors through a special ceremony or by cleaning their graves.  It's also a time for gift-giving, and the grocery stores have been packed with special gift sets.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Sophie surveys the Chuseok goods.
Would you prefer the dried fish gift pack OR...
...the dried seaweed gift pack?
Rice puff candies.  Note Sophie's grabby hand in the corner.
Black garlic gift set - You can see the black cloves on the top of the box, under the 1+1 label.
We enjoyed our Chuseok by visiting Mundong Falls, a waterfall in the middle of Geoje, with our friends Sam, Mika, and Eloise.

Mommy and Sophie on the bridge
Keegan and the girls.  Eloise is exactly one year older than Sophie, and they are crazy about each other.

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Mom said...

What? No squid gift set? Love the photos by the waterfall!