Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fun Weekend

Keegan wanted to do some "different" things this weekend, so we had a few new family adventures. On Saturday morning, we took Sophie to the soccer stadium to run and play. She enjoyed kicking a ball around and spinning and running with Mommy and Daddy. In this video, you can hear her squeaking with delight every time she kicks the ball.

Saturday evening we had a nice time barbecuing with our neighbors.

This morning we took a cable car to the top of a mountain near Tongyeong. I hadn't been there since before Sophie was born, and Keegan had never been, so it was a fun new experience. There were gorgeous views from the mountaintop.

Next weekend is a four-day weekend because of the Chuseok holiday (Korean Thanksgiving), so we'll have even more time to try some new things!


Mom said...

Future soccer star! I love the little squeals every time she kicks the ball.

Dad said...