Monday, June 13, 2011

Snork on the Loose!

Sophie, a.k.a. "the Snork" (don't ask), is getting stronger by the day. Yesterday at lunch she stood up from a squat without holding on to anything. She immediately started teetering dramatically and then landed with a thud on her diapered rump, but Mommy and Daddy were still hugely excited. This afternoon on the playground, she somehow managed to climb all the way up the slide, crawl across the length of the playground, and come close to launching herself headfirst down the slide on the other side before Mommy stopped her. She also figured out how to climb up a fairly steep ramp on the playground. All this child wants to do is climb, climb, climb. Mommy's heart palpitations and horrified gasps do nothing to slow her down. I hope Mommy's beaming smile sweetens her successes, though.

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solstar said...

Sounds like she takes after both her athletic parents.