Sunday, June 12, 2011

Highlights from the Trip Home

The reason I've been gone for so long is that Keegan, Sophie, and I were on a month-long trip to visit family and friends in the U.S. It was wonderful! We got our fill of American food and shopping, and Sophie got to spend lots of quality time with her grandparents and meet all of her various "aunts" and "uncles" (a.k.a. Mommy and Daddy's friends). Here are a few things we particularly enjoyed:

Living the good life with Nana and Granddude at Orchard Hill

Playing with Daddy

Testing the limits of independence at the park

Meeting the horses




Reading with Grandma

Eating chips with Grandpa

Eating frozen yogurt at Sweet Frogs in Lynchburg

Running at the Michalik Boot Camp after all those chips and frozen yogurt

Learning to sew

Date night!

We also spent a lot of time talking about and planning our trip to Hawaii for Christmas with all four grandparents. Hard to believe that's only six months away. I don't know whether I'm more excited about visiting Hawaii for the first time or about seeing what Sophie will be like at 18 months.

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chrissy said...

Great Pics!! We had so much fun visiting you guys and catching up. =D