Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekend Project

The ABS men of Kisan Harborview are always looking for ways to exercise their manly strength, use fancy tools, go to the hardware store, and get together to drink beer. This week, they found a way to do all those things by building a swingset addition to the existing apartment playground.

Tim did the initial groundwork for the project by buying several large pieces of lumber, and Keegan bought a plastic toddler swing at Home Plus. The men assembled on Saturday morning to start putting everything together.

Tim makes himself useful as a post.

By the afternoon, the frame of the swingset was erected, and the men set about digging holes to put the supports into. Unfortunately, the shovel we had was not up to the task of digging such large holes, and two guys were dispatched to the hardware store for a new shovel and some concrete to fill in the holes.

Sophie on the construction site, waiting for a stronger shovel.

Much hilarity ensued as the remaining men, impatient to keep making progress, attempted to continue digging with a severely bent shovel and to break up large rocks they encountered with a rubber mallet. Jokes about time on the chain gang abounded. Finally the new shovel arrived and the frame was properly secured.

By the time we returned from a dinner out with some friends, the toddler swing was mounted, and Sophie went on a nighttime ride. She loved it! We got to try it out again on Sunday afternoon, and once again it was a big hit.

The completed swingset, with swinging baby!

Mommy and Sophie are happy to have something new to do during the days, and the men were very happy with their handiwork. Numerous new project ideas are afloat - can't wait to see what they come up with next!

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chrissy said...

It looks like you and Sophie are really going to enjoy that swing...can't wait to see you soon!!