Sunday, January 16, 2011

Oyster Oops

We had a wonderful dinner with our friends Matt and Sojung and their daughter Anna-Lynn on Thursday night. The six of us went down into Deokpo Beach to get oysters at a little seaside restaurant there. It was definitely a no-frills kind of place, but it is oyster season now, and the oysters were fresh and delicious. We had an order of raw oysters and one order of oysters steamed in their shells on a hot grill. We ate them with a little hot sauce, some garlic, and lettuce leaves or seaweed to wrap them up. Then we had a little warm, salty rice porridge, which Sophie got to try as well, much to her delight.

Matt, Sojung, and a hapless oyster

We were thrilled that we had gotten a chance to try one of the local restaurants, and we really enjoyed spending time with our neighbors, especially since they have a three-month-old and therefore know exactly what we are going through! The oops part didn't become apparent until Saturday, when Ellen awoke with a case of the infamous "gurgly guts" that plague us every so often here in Korea, usually in conjunction with raw seafood. Ugh. Thank goodness it was a Saturday, and Daddy was here to take Sophie for an epic three-hour long walk/nap in the freezing cold weather. We look forward to more dinners with our friends, but perhaps with less raw seafood.


chrissy said...

Blar, I'm sorry to hear about the bad seafood but really happy to hear about the good times with friends! I think your list for 2011 is awesome and we can't wait to see you guys in May!!

KIM! said...

i wouldn't stray from the raw seafood if it is delicious - unless cooked it is just as delicious. If you are the only one who felt ill - maybe it was just one bad one.

it might be interesting to know what the korean cure for that is...