Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy 2011

Another new year, another resolution to write in my blog more often. Here I am! Or I should say here we are since I am rarely without Sophie these days. She is sleeping at my breast as I type.

Since I love year-end top ten lists (a trait I apparently don't share with my dear husband), I thought I'd share a couple from Plaskon Family life at this change from 2010 to 2011:

Top Ten Changes in the Plaskon Family in 2010
  • 10. Chili and Pepper are 730 meals worth of kibble more fat and proportionally more lazy.
  • 9. Keegan managed to rope in another avid homebrew enthusiast - you have no idea how happy you've made him, Nathan!
  • 8. Ellen visited Central America for the first time. (This was fun for Keegan, too, if not such a milestone for that world traveler). Thanks for being such a good host in Costa Rica, Solson.
  • 7. Ellen gained and lost more weight than she ever has in one year.
  • 6. Ellen has become an expert on parenting and breastfeeding books (although, strangely, not an expert on parenting or breastfeeding. Hmmm.)
  • 5. Keegan delivered his first ship as project manager. Ok, that was Jan. 3, but most of the sweat happened in 2010!
  • 4. Keegan is now a senior surveyor with ABS.
  • 3. Ellen's father is retired and pretty darn happy about it.
  • 2. Ellen no longer has any single bridesmaids from her wedding party - congrats Jamie, Colin, Ginny, and Nick!
  • 1. We became more than a couple and started a family!! Welcome Sophia Joy.

Top Ten Things to Look Forward to in 2011
  • 10. The ugliness and vitriol bound to characterize the 2012 presidential election is still a year away.
  • 9. A trip home for the whole family in May!
  • 8. Track and Field World championships in Daegu, Korea in August!
  • 7. Buying a jogging stroller and getting back out there!
  • 6. Sophie learning to sleep through the night (please, merciful God!)
  • 5. Celebrating Sophie's first birthday in July.
  • 4. Watching Sophie's first steps and hearing her first words.
  • 3. The end of Keegan's hellacious and time-consuming project at work in October.
  • 2. Welcoming Jamie and Colin's little girl to the world in March.
  • 1. Watching our little girl grow and change and smile and laugh and explore every single day.


Mom said...

I love these! Congratulations to Keegan on having his first ship delivered and becoming a senior surveyor! My favorite for things to look forward to is #9 :)

solstar said...

I'm glad to be a part of your highlight list. Hope to see you all soon