Saturday, January 9, 2010

Move Over Target, Home Plus is on the Rise

Yesterday after my Korean/English lesson I decided to pick up some cat food at Home Plus. As I was walking from the cat food aisle towards the produce to pick up a few odds and ends, I passed the clothing section and decided to look for a few sweaters to cover up my bulging belly. I know my belly does not look very large yet, but it has become impossible to button my regular pants and still sit down comfortably. This means that I have to either leave the pants gaping at the top, close the button with the help of a rubber band, or wear maternity pants with ugly waistbands. I had a horrifying realization earlier this week when I tried to put together a favorite outfit and saw that I couldn't wear that particular sweater anymore because it was too short to cover up my unsightly waistband. So I resolved to find some longer, somewhat stretchy sweaters to get me through the winter months. Well, I hit the jackpot in the Home Plus clothing section. Whatever else you may say about Korean fashion, it is very well suited to pregnancy! Most sweaters and shirts are extra long, and I had no trouble finding a few cute ones that look like they'll stretch at least enough to get me through March. The blue and grey striped one, in particular has a lot of room to grow. I also bought a black sweater almost identical to one I bought at Target a couple years ago. The one from Target looks about 20 years old because it is so pilly. The Home Plus version promised Anti-Pilling technology!

New sweaters for maternity and beyond. Note that I am unable to figure out how to "look into the camera" and also that Chili wanted to appear on the blog again, sneaky thing.

I finished up my shopping and headed out to the parking area feeling very satisfied. In the parking garage, the Home Plus once again proved its worth: they've installed a brand new fancy parking indicator system that shows you where available spots are. As you drive up and down the rows of parking spaces, you can see which spots are available because they have a green light over them. Occupied spots have a red light. Each section of the parking lot has a bigger sign over it showing whether there are any open spots in that section. And at the end of most rows there is an LED sign telling you how many spots are open on that row and how many are open if you pass that row and continue to look. What a great idea! I was thoroughly impressed and probably only narrowly avoided several collisions because I was fascinated by all the technology. Three cheers for you, Home Plus!

The fancy new parking system at Home Plus - look for the red and green lights above the cars.


ginny said...

I am very impressed by that parking system! That would save some of the anxiety I invariably experience in parking garages. I think everyone should get one!

Grandma Sue said...

If we were only so lucky to have that system back here in the usa. Also look how clean and shiny the floors are!
Nice sweaters. Good colors.

Mom said...

LOVE the sweaters, especially the one on top! The parking system impresses me very much! We need to get some over here.

Jamie said...

Ha ha - camera's this way, Ellen! No, over here!

Miss J said...

woot for good deals!