Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy 2010

We welcomed in the new year this week. Well, we were asleep for the beginning of the new year, due to Keegan's unwelcome stomach bug, but we had a great time visiting our friends Nate and Eliza in Mokpo over the weekend. We went to see "Avatar" at the theater, took a couple long, snowy walks with the dog, and ate lots of delicious food, including Eliza's wonderful frozen lemon mousse. Keegan somehow managed to find world's most delectable (and large) strawberries, and we consumed an entire large container of them between Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon.

I got a chance to restart lessons with my students this week, and along with that, I told them all the news of the new baby. Everyone was excited and happy, although disappointed that I won't be able to teach after the baby comes. I hope that I'll be able to find another interested teacher who can take at least some of my students because they are really making good progress.

I had a doctor's appointment on Tuesday morning, and everything is fine with the baby. I think the doctor was a little surprised to see me because he had forgotten that he told me to come back two weeks after my last visit. He did a quick ultrasound and told me to come back in a couple weeks for a blood test to check for any abnormalities with the fetus. It was, as always, good to see and hear the baby's heart and to watch him/her squirm around on the ultrasound screen.

I have started to feel better over the past few days. My appetite seems to be returning to normal, which is a welcome change. Now when I am hungry, there are a lot of appealing options to choose from, and I am enjoying my food a lot more. I've been sleeping better, and I seem to have more energy. I guess the second trimester may live up to it's billing as the most comfortable time after all. Of course, as I write this, I'm feel extra gassy and crabby, so we'll see.

Because of my indigestion and crabbiness, I'll wrap up here, but first, a few long-awaited pictures:

The belly at 15 weeks. It looks a lot bigger from above. And seems a lot bigger judging by my pants.

3D ultrasound. I think the arms and legs look extra long and gangly.


Mom said...

You were the champion of long and gangly arms and legs when you were born! I can remember sitting in a mall when you were just a month or two old and a woman walked by and said, "Look at the long legs on that baby!" Heredity at work.

chrissy said...

You and the baby look Great! I think your Mom is right_the baby is bound to have long legs. =D

Jamie said...

Wow! You look fantastic! And the baby is so beautiful and amazing!
I am glad you enjoyed the visit to Mokpo! I want to meet Eliza! Forget Avatar - that 3D ultrasound rocks my world!