Thursday, September 10, 2009

Photos for Your Consideration

A few photos that I took while out and about (don't worry, I was stopped at interminable traffic lights when I took them) so I could show you some unique aspects of Korean life:

Swarms of scooters surround my car at a traffic light near the shipyard. You can also see my trendy dashboard bobblehead.

Not sure what to say about this except "Wow."

Junction Produce, a car detailing company I think, shows fine control of the English language. And exhibits "austerity, eeriness, rambunctiousness, and austere elegance in which only prestige car has."


Mom said...

I think you should trade in your car for the pink one :)

chrissy said...

I really like your bobblehead! I also think you're really brave to be driving in that kind of traffic.