Sunday, August 30, 2009

Good Things That Happened this Weekend

  1. Had a wonderful get-together with students and friends on Thursday afternoon. A lot of English was spoken and a lot of listening was done. And a lot of delicious cakes were consumed.
  2. Met several new people at lunch and at coffee on Friday afternoon.
  3. Found (with the help of my student Flavia) a tiny hole-in-the-wall store in Okpo that sells beautiful handmade purses. I plan to stock up for Christmas gifts (and for myself!).
  4. Enjoyed dinner and ice cream with my handsome husband on Friday evening.
  5. Got lots of sleep!
  6. Had a nice trip to the beach to hang out with Flavia and her husband and another Brazilian couple and a third Brazilian woman.
  7. Enjoyed watching Keegan play a Brazilian beach game involving two paddles and a rubber ball. (He is sore today!).
  8. Resolved to start taking Portuguese lessons with Flavia.
  9. Swam in refreshing, clear water and discovered that Wahyeon Beach is really nice.
  10. Learned that nice beach chairs can be obtained relatively easily by searching on GMarket for "fishing chairs."
  11. Got back on the bike again after a long hiatus.
  12. Did not wreck calamitously, get a flat tire, fall off while trying to clip out of my pedals, or ride into a ditch, despite imagining and worrying about these things every time I have even thought of riding.
  13. Got all my lessons planned for Monday and got a call from my Ukrainian student saying she is back in Korea and ready to start studying again. This is actually stressful because I have a student overload now, but I will be happy to see her again!
  14. Had friends over for beer-brewing this evening.
  15. Successfully prepared almost five gallons of beer and ate a delicious spaghetti and homemade marinara dinner.
  16. Planned a homemade Mexican night for the near future.
  17. Avoided the Sunday blues and actually feel relaxed and ready for a new week!


chrissy said...

Wow! That is an awesome list of good things that have happened in the last week. I want to know more about your beer brewing experiences in Korea, that's for sure!

Jamie said...

Yay! It's funny, because the last time I went riding (horse-riding, not bike-riding), I did (1) ride into a ditch and (2) almost calamitously fall off of the ever-noble Buck, who was displeased about being in a ditch :).

Carrie said...

That's a jam-packed few days!!

KIM! said...

busy busy!
When it rains it pours, but always better that way.

spp said...

Keegan & Ellen: I didn't have a chance to read all this before we talked last Sunday! This is great detail to our conversation. I am so glad you two are taking advantage of these last days of summer and getting together with your international friends. You both will have many terrific memories of your time in Korea to be sure. SPP