Monday, April 20, 2009

Versatile Basket

I reorganized my baking goods cabinet last week, and the small plastic bins I bought to help me had an amusing label inside:

My cabinet definitely meets clean eyesight now, but I'm not sure if it's because of the baskets or because I got rid of a bug infestation.  

On second thought, it must be the baskets.  They were designed and developed!


Jamie said...

Nothing says versatility quite like a basket that can handle both cosmetics AND fruits and vegetables!

Mom said...

...and those side dishes, too! Are those baskets in the picture filled with popcorn or scrambled eggs, or is it another unidentifiable side dish?

Jamie said...

I know I woud love to eat appetizers . . .eggs or popcorn . . .from a versatile basket on a spread with other versatile baskets full of tools, cosmetics, and fruits. Mmmmm!

chrissy said...

YUM, popcorn! I think that the pic definitely shows popcorn. Baskets are addicting...have you become hooked yet?