Sunday, April 26, 2009


In case you couldn't tell from the lack of blog posts, life has gotten pretty busy here in Korea. Keegan's been working like a dog, and I've been quite busy too with friends and with my English and Korean lessons. Here are a few things that are on our minds these days:

Sadly, our good friends Glenda and John are leaving to move back to the U.S. next week. It was a bit of an unexpected move for all of us, so it's taken some rapid preparations and a lot of getting used to. I know that Keegan will miss John at work, since John has been by all accounts and excellent manager at the office. And I will miss Glenda a lot, too. Honestly, I don't know how I would ever have adjusted to life here so well without her continual suggestions and encouragement. She's been so kind and generous and introduced me to so many wonderful people. Thank goodness that we'll still be in touch by e-mail. I can't wait to hear about their new home and new adventures in Wisconsin.

As you may have seen on Flickr, one of the results of John and Glenda's impending move is that I now have a roof garden and a basket full of seeds. I inherited Glenda's peas, carrots, and parsley, and in addition, we planted peppers, lettuce, spinach, beets, cucumbers, basil, oregano, leeks, and tomatoes. Everything has sprouted beautifully, and we've actually started to get some regular rain here, which has turned the garden into a profusion of green seedlings. I hope that everything will continue to grow and won't fall prey to the problems we had in Norfolk, where nothing got past this stage.

Another item we inherited from Glenda is a small juicer. We've been having a blast with it, making all kinds of unusual combinations. So far, our favorites have been carrot/orange and apple/banana. This morning I got really daring and made kiwi/banana/pear/strawberry, but I think Keegan's grape/pear/strawberry was better. We are continually reminded of a very dated cookbook that Keegan's parents have, which is entitled "Juicing for Your Health" and features two totally groovy seventies types on the cover.

I've been enjoying my Korean class and feel like I'm really making progress with my Korean skills. Last Friday I stopped at a small fruit stand to buy some bananas and strawberries, and I was able to ask how much things cost and understand the answers. When the exchange started moving too fast for me, though, I unconsciously switched into Polish. I guess my foreign language mode has yet to be reset. But I'll get there. I think having lessons three times a week has really improved my retention of vocabulary, and repeating a lot of what I had studied in the first class I took is helping me to understand things much better. I think I'm finally getting a feel for some of the many pronunciation rules that bedevil beginning students like myself.

Those are just a few things that are keeping us busy these days. What's new with you?

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