Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Meeting the Newest Member(s) of Our Family

We met the kittens today! Keegan worked a short day today since the shipyard is still closed for the holiday, so we took the chance this afternoon to visit the litter of kittens that need homes. Jackie, their owner, was very nice, and it was good to meet her. She has three girls, who have been taking care of the kitties for her, but they were still at school.

The kittens live in the laundry room because there are other cats in the household, too. Jackie brought them out for us to see in a little cardboard box. The kittens are about six weeks old and absolutely adorable. They are all orange and white and little and trembly. They are also capable of uttering the most piteous mews you can imagine. One of them sat curled up on my lap, and another crawled up my belly and licked my fingers. We will have a hard time deciding which to adopt! We are thinking of adopting two because they can keep each other company during times when we don't have as much attention to give as we do now. I think it will be easier to get littermates than to try to introduce a second cat later on.

We'll be able to adopt the kittens at about eight weeks, so that will be right at the beginning of October. I can't wait! Glenda and I are going shopping tomorrow morning and plan to have a cat supply buying bonanza. And after that, just a little more waiting. And thinking of names! Suggestions are appreciated.


Jamie said...

Sir Mewsalot! Lady Marmalade! Truffle! Orange Julius! Tangelo!Orange Zest! Tropicana! Flotsam and Jetsam! Punch and Judy! Nick and Nora! Dora and Diego! Dream and Cicle!

Mom M. said...

Someone I knew had two cats named CA and TS. Of course, T.S. Eliot wrote "Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats" so the TS is pretty good, but CA? This might help you:

Emily said...

That's so exciting! You're going to be such a good kitten mama! And getting two will be fun - we spent so many hours in Berlin just watching kitten antics!

KIM! said...

I personally like number one and number two... it worked well for me. :)

a lady that works at the human society told me it is better to adopt in twos... and i have successfully gottten rid of two of mine... two mroe to go.