Monday, September 29, 2008

Kitten Antics

Today was a very, very lazy day. Most of it was spent coaxing the kittens, Chili and Chipotle (Chip, for short) out from under the couch and then watching them cautiously explore their new territory. Glenda and her mother-in-law came over this afternoon to meet the kittens, and they entertained all three of us for over an hour. They enjoy playing with ribbon, toy mice, and each other. Their territory basically covers under the couch, under the ottoman, and under the lamp next to the couch, behind the couch-side table, with a tentative claim on the area next to the window. When they are hungry or need to use the litterbox, they look carefully both ways and then dart across the exposed area in the living room as fast as they can. Whenever one of them is separated from the other, they cry to each other until they are reunited. This happens often because it takes each one so long to pluck up the courage for the dramatic sprint across the terrifying expanse of the living room.

The funniest shenanigan today is courtesy of Chip (the boy), who had made it to the safe haven of the bathroom without his sister. He was torn between stuffing wet cat food into his mouth and calling for his sister, so he decided to do both at once, which resulted in a long, stuttering cry broken by little breaks for chewing: meeewwww...ewww...ewwww...ewww... I thought I would die laughing.

Tomorrow will be a busier day: swimming and yoga in the morning, two students in the afternoon, and Korean class at night. After Korean class we're going to try a Thai restaurant with a couple of Keegan's co-workers. It will be nice to have a busier day, and the kittens will probably welcome the respite from constant supervision!


Emily said...

Sooooo cute! I love the eating/crying story. Wish I could see them!

chrissy said...

The names are purr-fect! Tee hee, I couldn't resist! Which kitten is which from the previoius photo? I can imagine their hiding, running, crying and other cute antics perfectly.

Mom said...

The names are great. The eating/crying reminds me of a dog Dude and I saw on our walk the other day. It started to bark at Dude, then decided that maybe Dude wanted to steal its ball. So it picked up the ball and still tried to bark, only it came out "mff, mff, mff."

Jamie said...

Oh so cute! Chrissy, I can't believe you said purr-fect! They remind me of Zahara and Vivienne - triply dominated by fear, hunger, and rampant playfulness :).

gabunt said...

Hi E3!

Coolish blog. I'll go home and read it tonight. Hope you're having a great time! We miss you.


jihyeon song said...
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jihyeon song said...

Hi. Ellen. I am jihyeon. Do you remember me?^^ I have alway thought that I would visit your homepage! I have been busy preparing to go to canada,so I couldn't :/ I'am so sorry
How about your life in korea? good?
It looks like you've doing great well.^^ Now, I am in Canada to get TESOL certificate (teaching english to speakers of other languages). It is so cold in Canada. It's freezing