Thursday, July 10, 2008

On Our Way

What a crazy week! Keegan finished with work last Wednesday, and on Thursday we had a great visit to Charlottesville to drop of a car and trailer with Sue and Steve and to enjoy the pool one last time. We stopped on the way home to visit Emily and Tony and co., and there we picked up a delightful summertime cold, which apparently we will now export to South Korea. Ryan says we may end up in quarantine with all the dogs and cats.

We spent the weekend prepping the house for the movers to come on Monday, and since then we've been in a weird kind of limbo. We've spent each day sitting on the futon reading or milling around anxiously while a crew of industrious people wrangles all of our worldly possessions into boxes. On Monday, two men packed up and loaded all of our air and surface shipments. Then on Tuesday, two women came to pack up all of our other stuff in boxes, another all-day task. Finally, today, three men showed up to wrap everything, including furniture, and load it into six giant wooden crates on the back of a semi. Now our house is completely empty, and our four enormous suitcases are packed, and we are leaving TOMORROW! Wish us luck! By the next time I write, I'll have lots to report!


Jamie said...

I will miss you guys so much, but am looking forward to hearing All About Korea! Herman and Pip are up to their usual shenanigans tonight - Pip is diligently copying everything Herman does, but is only able to maintain Herman's poses (i.e., sitting like a blob) for a few seconds before wildly leaping and running around.

Heidi said...

I am still in denail but wish you the best! Looking forward to seeing pics of and hearing about your overseas adventures. I will think of you as I use up the 2 years' supply of food and cleaning supplies you left us :)