Sunday, July 13, 2008

At the Home Plus

Keegan and I did a lot of driving around today seeing the sights. We stopped in at a giant shopping mall, and in the department store, there was a pet store. We were entranced by the two very fuzzy and adorable kittens playing in the window, so we went in to look inside. And there we saw an adult white Persian (or similar with long hair) paws and a yellow tail! When I say orange and yellow, I mean fluorescent orange and yellow, as if the cat's paws and the tip of its tail were dipped in some sort of dye. And all this time I thought a labradoodle was a "designer" animal. Turns out breeding is not necessary, just the tenacity to hold a cat still while you dye it ridiculous colors. Teenage girls came in in droves to ooh and ah, and the poor cat just sat there looking as if it would never recover its dignity. We were seriously sorry not to have the camera!


Candice Michalik said...

As I was reading this, I started thinking, "They've bought a kitten!" What a fate for that fluorescent kitty. Herman was lucky to be born in the USA. I'm enjoying reading your blog.

spp said...

Ellen: Thank you for writing and sharing so much terrific information. I really appreciate all the detail. I am writing this on my little sony viao so please excuse typos as the keyboard is so small. I am also sitting on the screen porch listening to the end of a huge thunderstorm and the last of the falling rain. Thanks for doing the blog and I'll try to check often. And, I have started a blog: Reports from Orchard Hill at blogspot as well. Please try to find it and drop me a note. I'll use the OHILL Reports to keep you and Keegan up to date on happenings at "the farm". SPP

sap said...

Ellen and Keegan:
It is wonderful to hear how your first days are going.The description of your apartment sounds great. I wonder how long you will have to wait to get all your stuff.We are on the screened porch in the middle of a rain storm.I'll keep this short and will write again.

chrissy said...

Congratulations, you made it!! I also thought that you were going to get some new kitties. I mean, it would be okay if you did. Ry and I can't wait for new postings_we miss you already. Nothing new here to report. You'll have to tell us how Keegan's first day went.

Jamie said...

All the cool kids are adopting cats by the droves . . .
though I think Herman would forever disapprove of you adopting a new kitty with fluorescent paws! Oh, the indignity