Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Dreary Week

This past week has consisted of day after day of nasty, chilly, gray, cloudy, rainy and horribly windy weather. The cats and I have spent much of it reclining close together on bed or couch, soaking up each other's body heat and zoning out completely. Fortunately, there is one plus side to such weather: using our Korean floor heating. The house is now very cozy and warm, and the cats find it difficult to walk more than a few feet without flopping over to soak up the heat radiating from the floor. Here they are in the office, taking advantage of their favorite spots:

Just when the lethargy seemed to be getting too much, we had a bit of excitement this afternoon. A hawk lighted on the railing outside our guest room window with a sparrow in its talons.

It was totally focused on devouring its prey and didn't notice Chili watching with rapt attention or me approaching slowly and carefully with the camera.

I don't know how long it stayed because I had to leave for a lunch date, but I'm sure Chili could tell you exactly how long he was there. Unfortunately she, like Keegan, is not interested in being a contributor to this blog.


ginny said...

I think I, too, would have difficulty not flopping over if I had a heated floor!

Jamie said...

that is so awesome! The last picture is pretty great! happy cat lives!

chrissy said...

I think snuggling up on the couch is a great idea! We do it all the time here. =D I agree with Jamie, you're hawk pictures are awesome.

CJ said...

Amazing pictures of the hawk and sparrow!

Ellen said...

A biologist friend who knows much more about birds than I thinks that the "hawk" is actually a falcon, likely a female merlin. We see her fairly often.

Heidi said...

Hey Ellen! That's funny--worlds away and similar experiences. It is a cold, drizzly, gray, dreary day here, too. And there is a hawk that hangs outside my office building stalking and eating other birds. (I had no idea hawks were so mean! I didn't think they ate their own kind!). He hasn't gotten anything today that I know of. For once in my life I am cheering for the pigeons. Take care!
Trinie and Ryan