Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Wonderful World of Korean Store Names

You may remember the legendary "Crapino" furniture store featured on this blog a few weeks ago. But Crapino is far from the only funny store name on this island. Here is a list of some of our other favorites, in a number of different categories:

Hair Salon: "Hair Sponge"
Western Bars: The variety here is endless. We have an ongoing debate about which sounds more seedy: "Monkey Business" or "The Business Room." I am also partial to bars that make terrible puns in their names, such as "Western Bar None" and "Bar Code."
Mystery Spot: There is a building at a major intersection in town whose second floor holds a business called "Japanese Style Banana." We have no idea what it is, and we're kind of afraid to investigate.
English School: The award in this category definitely goes to "Butter English."
Snack Bar: "Bob Stick." This stand is clearly defunct, but we eagerly await the day that we can buy our very own Bob Stick snack.
Apartments: "Dream Factory" and "Kisan Nestville"
Food Brands: For health foods, you can take your pick from the nutritious items recommended by "Dr. You" and if you're really hungry, you may even resort to "Mother's Finger" healthy snack foods.

I am counting on my parents to point out other funny titles during their visit, which begins tomorrow!


chrissy said...

How funny! I didn't realize your 'rents were visiting you now! Have fun and say hello to them for us. I know that you're going to have a great time!

Jamie said...

I love it! I think my favorite is "mother's finger"!