Friday, December 5, 2008

Speaking your sleep!

One of my students told me this week that she woke up to her husband laughing at her. "Why?" I asked. Because, she told me, she had been talking in her sleep in English, saying things like "How are you?" and "What's your name?" I think this woman is a natural language learner! Either that, or I've been giving her too much homework.


Mom M said...

That's cute. When Jenny's first husband, Poul, came over here from Denmark, he already knew English, but he said that when he began to dream in English he knew he was becoming a true English speaker.

chrissy said...

Ryan admitted that he woke up with "Rocky Top" stuck in his head the other morning. This must mean that I'm converting him to a true Volunteer! GO VOLS!!

Jamie said...

rocky top? oh chrissy. oh ryan.
I keep dreaming about getting elaborate body/facial piercings. It just goes to show that Im becoming a True Punk :)
I have had stress dreams ABOUT Russian and German, but I have never really dreamt in them.

Ellen said...

I used to dream in Polish, but it was exactly like I was awake: I was in some situation where I needed to use Polish, plotted out the entire conversation in my head, and then delivered my "lines" haltingly.