Sunday, October 26, 2008

What Happened this Week?

This week I:
  • took another hike with Keegan.
  • failed to find the trail until reaching the top of the mountain.
  • was directed onto the trail by picnicking Koreans wielding scissors. (They were grilling bulgogi, and scissors are often used to cut the thinly sliced beef.)
  • had my picture taken by a Korean hiker, whose overall attitude was that of a man snapping a picture of a rare species at the zoo.
  • nearly had a heart attack riding my bike on the scary, windy, hilly roads north of our apartment.
  • had my first two lessons with a new student whose knowledge of English grammar is encyclopedic but whose basic speaking and listening skills are way behind.
  • went to a lunch that featured lively conversation in English and Spanish and a lovely coconut flan.
  • left my lights on, ran my battery down, and learned just how easy it is to push my car around the parking lot for a jump.
  • had my first knitting lesson, during which is was discovered that my independent attempts at knitting involved the wrong needles, inappropriate yarn, and a knotty, unrecognizable mess that could not be called knitting.
  • learned to knit the right way!
  • bought and then painted a hard-shelled Korean pumpkin for Halloween with Glenda and Keegan.
  • was chagrined to see what Keegan chose to paint on his Halloween pumpkin (see below).
  • watched hours of kitten antics.
  • disciplined kittens for their antics involving plants, curtains and my exposed flesh.
  • rearranged furniture, painted a picture frame, picked out photos to have printed and framed, baked granola, and bought new plants for the apartment.
  • enjoyed another whirlwind week on Geoje Island.

Painted pumpkins, L to R: Ellen's, Glenda's, and Keegan's.


Jamie said...

Oh Keegan!

Carrie said...

is there pumpkin paint, it just some regular kind of paint? I'm looking forward to doing one of those kits to cut out an Obama face.

Jamie said...

don't make an obama butthole.

Ellen said...

We used regular acrylic paint and glitter glue from the dollar store (or, technically, the 1,000 won store).