Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Honeymoon in Poland

We are having a wonderful time! Right now, I am sitting in our hotel in Zakopane in the Polish Tatra mountains, full of delicious Polish food and with very tired legs. Keegan and I have spent the past two days visiting with friends, eating ridiculous amounts of soup, good Polish bread, and delicacies from the grill, and hiking up ski slopes. I think they must be much better going down, because it's not so fun to walk up! The views have been rewarding, though. We are making good use of our new camera, which we have nicknamed "the most popular camera in Poland" because our friends Marek and Jurek both have the exact same model! Pictures will follow when we get back to Krakow on Thursday.


chrissy said...

Yippee! Kim's taught me how much fun these blogs can be. I can't believe how fast time has been moving...we'll both be in new homes within a month or two. I'm going to miss you guys something terrible, but this will help. There is always room for two more in Asheville; come see us anytime. =)

cjoy0821 said...

Ellen, I think it's great that both you and Keegan are doing your own blogs. We will get to see your different perspectives on your experiences in Korea. We will miss you like crazy but will keep in touch and send you a picture of Dude once in a while.